Andrea Gilmore-Bykovskyi

Credentials: PhD, RN

Position title: Assistant Professor - UW-Madison School of Nursing


Andrea Gilmore

My personal interests center around understanding, promoting, and protecting wellbeing, personhood, and meaning in the lives of persons with dementia – as they and their caregivers define it. My research program is broadly shaped by this deep-rooted interest and generally aims to understand, document, and address approaches to care delivery that hinder or effectively optimize meaningful patient and caregiver outcomes. Largely, this research operates at the intersections of care delivery, equity, and ethics and employs a range of methodologies and data sources. Another major interest of mine is the role non-cognitive (i.e. neuropsychiatric) symptoms and their management play in disease experiences and progression. I am most proud of the students and staff I have had the privilege to work with and learn from, and of the things they are doing to build knowledge and create change here and now.

My sincere hope is that our research and outreach efforts will contribute to improvements in approaches to care and research for those impacted by dementia.