Our Team

Principal Investigator

Andrea Gilmore-Bykovskyi

Position title: Assistant Professor - UW-Madison School of Nursing

Email: algilmore@wisc.edu

My personal interests center around understanding, promoting, and protecting wellbeing, personhood, and meaning in the lives of persons with dementia – as they and their caregivers define it. My research program is broadly shaped by this deep-rooted interest and generally aims to understand, document, and address approaches to care delivery that hinder or effectively optimize meaningful patient and caregiver outcomes. Largely, this research operates at the intersections of care delivery, equity, and ethics and employs a range of methodologies and data sources. Another major interest of mine is the role non-cognitive (i.e. neuropsychiatric) symptoms and their management play in disease experiences and progression. I am most proud of the students and staff I have had the privilege to work with and learn from, and of the things they are doing to build knowledge and create change here and now.

My sincere hope is that our research and outreach efforts will contribute to improvements in approaches to care and research for those impacted by dementia.

Our Team

Clark Benson

Position title: Assistant Lab Manager

Interests: designing interventions for acute psychiatric patients

Laura Block

Position title: Lab Manager

Interests: cognition and the role of mental health

Meghan Botsch

Position title: Research Assistant

Interests:speech language pathology

Stephanie Brandsma

Position title: Brain Health Community Registry Project Coordinator

Interests: aging, chronic illness, and social welfare

Britta Chelgren

Position title: Undergraduate Research Assistant

Interests: health disparities and clinical care delivery

Quinton D. Cotton

Position title: PhD Student

Interests: caregiving, stress and crisis, health equity, and African American families and communities

Alison Coulson

Position title: Research Specialist

Interests: hospice and palliative care for vulnerable populations

Ashley Delaurelle

Position title: Undergraduate Research Trainee

Interests: global health, nursing, dementia research

Jess Fehland

Position title: Undergraduate Research Assistant

Interests: communication sciences and disorders

Haley Fuhr

Position title: Research Assistant

Interests: psychology and neurobiology

Lilli Kay

Position title: Brain Health, Wellness, and Fitness Program Intern

Interests: mental health, aging, and historical trauma

Jessi Kendall

Position title: Outreach Specialist

Interests: communities empowering themselves to achieve health equity

Savannah Kind

Position title: Communications Intern

Interests: science communication and journalism

Shannon Mullen

Position title: Research Assistant

Interests: nursing

Rioghna Pittock

Position title: Undergraduate Research Assistant

Interests: neurobiology, neuroimmunology

Morgan Schmit

Position title: Research Assitant

Interests: cognitive degeneration in the aging population

Paria Seyyedmirza

Position title: PhD Student

Interests: technology, caregivers, and nursing

Maya Staehler

Position title: Undergraduate Research Trainee

Interests: care for vulnerable populations, epidemiology, and the interplay of religion and health

Ann Wieben

Position title: PhD Student

Interests: predictive model incorporation into nursing decision support systems


Johanna Balas

Credentials: BS

Pratiksha Bhagat

Credentials: MS-ECON

Michelle Burns

Credentials: BSN, RN

Amy Devine

Credentials: JD, MSW, BA

Olivia Diedrich

Credentials: BS

Amanda Friz

Credentials: PhD

Anna Gries

Credentials: BSN, RN

Melissa Hovanes

Credentials: BSN, RN

Abigail Jacobs

Credentials: BS, MD Candidate

Yuanyuan Jin

Credentials: MSN, RN // Nursing PhD Student

Rachel Johnson

Credentials: BS, MD Candidate

Victoria Knoke

Credentials: MSW // Doctoral Candidate, Social Work

Lydia Lemmenes

Credentials: BSN, RN

Jordan Madden

Credentials: BSN, RN

Kelly McGinn

Credentials: RN, MPH

Jen Orshak

Credentials: MA, BSN, RN

Megan Peck

Credentials: BS

Emily Ploch

Credentials: BSN

Brady Stroik

Credentials: BSN

Laura Vergenz

Credentials: BSN

Lily Walljasper

Credentials: BS